Snoqualmie Pass

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Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Biking, Boating, Kayaking—It's all here.

Since the beginning, Snoqualmie Pass has been known for its importance as a gateway to commerce, its appeal as a beautiful wilderness area, and its value as a recreational area close to Washington's largest population region. Nestled in the Cascade Mountains at the summit of Washington's main east/west highway, the Community of Snoqualmie Pass draws its name and its character from its dynamic wilderness setting, which is steeped in a history of discovery, exploration, trade, and transportation.

The Community of Snoqualmie Pass has worked to carefully preserve this history and to protect the beauty and wilderness that surrounds it. Ever aware of its large public ownership, the Commuity consistently works to support private interests, while taking seriously its role in the reservation of this delicate trust.

Major recreational area in the midst of beautiful mountains and pristine national forests

Snoqualmie Pass is a major winter and summer recreational area bordered in part by the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and the Wenatchee National Fores, home to the Community of Snoqualmie Pass and the largest ski resort area in the state. The dividing line of King and Kittitas Counties passes through the community at The Summit. Snoqualmie Pass draws hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, many to sample the wilderness beauty, travel the national forest trails, and a growing number who participate in the ever expanding recreational activities.

Snoqualmie: People of the Moon
Elevation: 3022 feet at the Summit
Bi-County Community of 250 full time residents
Major industry: Outdoor Recreation -Downhill and Cross Country skiing, Backpacking and Hiking
Four major Ski Areas: Alpental, Summit West, Summit Central, Summit East

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